HARDbody challenge

Summer officially begins in 98 days, that is just 14 short weeks! I want to invite you to take on this HARDbody challenge with me… I will begin with a monthly photo to track my progress. The first photo will go up today under the tab ‘HARDbody photos‘ I encourage you all to start this journey with me, TODAY! Take a photo, front and back, with arms flexed, and post it to my FB page and tell me what your goals are and where you want to be in exactly 4 weeks, April 11th. Then I want you to tell me what you are doing to reach those goals, whether its following my workouts or doing your own thing… Then after 4 weeks, we will all post another photo and what goals we have hit… Remember, this is our own personal goals and the photos are meant to keep you track and hold you accountable. I feel like we have a great community of supports so don’t be afraid to post a photo. I believe the support will be amazing! I would like to extend out to any of you who are interested to set up an appointment with me to measure your body fat as well. It is not necessary but I use my body fat as a marker of how I’m doing or not doing instead of weighing myself repeatedly. There is so much we can do to our bodies in just 98 days! What will you choose?

Have you ever fully enjoyed the summer? Have you ever spent a summer in your own skin feeling comfortable and confident in knowing that you are the best version of you possible? Most of us know the opposite of this feeling. Trying to find clothing to hide in at the beach, shying away from pictures, being caught up in the tension that our bodies carry when we are ill-at ease with ourselves. It can lead to many “if only” feelings of frustration… “if only I was in shape” or “if only I had started earlier”. The only thing worse than the “if only” moments is the “things will be different next year” excuse that we sell ourselves. We are all blessed to be here, but the time goes so fast – don’t miss out on a day of living as the best version of you possible. Don’t short change yourself a whole summer of your life. Feeling the sun on our skins and feeling happy and at peace inside ourselves is something that we should all experience as our reality. Whether we have 15 minutes or 1 hour, get active! Push yourselves to the limit and get that HARDbody you have always dreamed of!

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