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My overall goal is to reduce my body fat by 7%. Currently, I am at 25%. EEKK! Terrible for a trainer but again Ill refer you back to my first post, https://fitnessgurutraining.wordpress.com/2012/02/ to understand my background… My waist is at 28 inches and my hips at 38.5.. My goal for the next 4 weeks will be to loose 2% body fat and possibly even loose a few pounds(not worried about this too much), create lean muscle and tone up my mid section(always been a hard point for me)… I always had this dream of being 120 lbs but my goal now is to just feel good in my own skin and hit my goals each month. I hope this can be of some inspiration and not totally turn people away. I am only human and am trying everyday to better myself 🙂


It has been 4 weeks and I have lost an overall body fat percentage of 2% bringing me down to 23%, down 2lbs bringing me to 134 and I lost .5 inches around my waist and 1 inch around my hips. I am happy that I’ve hit my goals! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication but I am determined to be sexy in my own skin this summer! Our next 4 week check-in will be May 9th! My goal is to loose 2 more lbs and 1% body fat. Remember to set goals that are attainable! I want to get to these goals by May 5th because this is my birthday and I think having a specific event in mind helps you reach those goals


Here we are, another almost 4 weeks have passed! I am coming to you a little early here since my next goal was on my birthday 🙂 Your check in is on May the 9th, just a few short days. Since our last check in I have lost another 2.7% body fat which brings me down to 20.3, down another 1lb so I am at 133 and I have lost another 1 inch in my waist and .5 in my hips. I have smashed through my intended goals and am very proud of the progress I am making. I  didn’t hit the weight goal but I am okay with that since I am loosing body fat. I have always had a ‘pooch’ in my tummy so the next 4 weeks are going to be really focused in on my diet and will add in daily AB workouts along with stepping up intensity level. Our next check in will be June 6th! I would like to loose another 1.5% body fat and possibly a 2 lbs.

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