Fueling your body for better workout results

Eat Exercising on an empty stomach makes you more likely to lose  muscle, and without any extra gas in the tank, your exercise intensity and  overall calorie  burnwill take a hit. An hour or two before working out, snack on 100 to 200  calories of complex carbs and protein (like a cup of nonfat yogurt or a piece of  fruit and a cheese stick).
Drink Sipping green tea—hot or iced—helps your muscles recover  fasterafter a workout so you can get back into the gym more quickly.  According to a study in Nutrition Research, exercisers who drank green  tea extract, which contains therapeutic antioxidants, had less muscle damage  after workouts compared with those who drank only water.

Snack Red apples, berries, and grapes contain the antioxidant  quercetin, which can boost your endurance and oxygen capacity, making workouts  feel more doable, according to a study from the University of South Carolina’s  Arnold School of Public Health. Researchers believe quercetin also helps the  fatigue that can cause you to skip workouts.


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