Day 49- HARDbody challenge

This coming Saturday is my 4 week check-in AND my birthday! The actual check infor everyone else is on the 9th but had my goals set on my birthday day. I am super excited to show my last 4 weeks progress! The last 4 weeks have been a little harder for me on the diet end. I am doing very well, don’t get me wrong but mentally I keep telling myself “oh you’re doing good so you can allow yourself a splurge” Well, I have told myself that too many times this month. HA! I still have a way to go until I get to my final goal, so I need to be more disciplined in that area.

I began with a 3 mile run.. I have reduced my time by 54 seconds. haha. I did this by lowering my dang incline! I have had it set to a 7 incline for 7 weeks and had no idea! I thought I had become a super slow runner. I mean, I’m still not fast but now I can work on my time some. I found this workout below one of the hardest yet! It was great!

HARDbody workout

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. 4 rounds

10 Step Up/Knee Raise(hold 30lb sandbag on the shoulder side that is stepping up. I will use a chair. alternate)

Jump through/ 5 squat jumps(if you don’t have a ladder, you can do high knees to the side equalling 5 jumps, then 5 squat jumps)







Curl/Shoulder Press(I used my 30lb sandbag to curl and press. I ended up keeping my hands facing towards me in the press like in the bicep curl. Like a reverse shoulder press)

5 Knee Tucks/2 Push-Ups(elevate legs on couch or chair)


1 minute each, 3 rounds

Knee Tuck Abs

Sit-Ups(hold sandbag)



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