Day 31- HARDbody challenge

So here we are, beginning our next 4 week challenge!  Want results? Want to look sexy this summer? Want to be healthier? I have done all the dirty work for you, now all you have to do is follow the workouts! Don’t make an excuse because all of these workouts can be done at home, on your lunch break or even at the gym. You have seen that I made progress in the last 4 weeks from doing these SAME workouts so it’s time you begin them with me. I’m not gonna lie, the workouts are tough but you just have to push yourself. Remember, we time the workouts so that you can go at your own pace. Do as many reps as you can in the amount of time given. You have my workouts, meals and daily advice right at your fingertips, so take the step and begin making healthy decision. We all make mistakes during our fitness journey. Just get back on the wagon after you fall. It’s that simple. No one is here to judge so don’t judge yourself for messing up. This is a lifestyle change and as many times as you hear it, it’s true! I follow Fitness Model/Writer Jamie Eason on my FB page and she said it best about how she handles cheat meals:

 “I don’t really do cheat meals.  Instead, I just allow every day life to happen like when I’m traveling or at an event like a wedding where they are serving food.  In those instances, I likely wouldn’t have my healthy stash on hand.  If I’m consistently eat clean I don’t have to worry about the occasional indulgence.  However, for me,… if I were to allow or plan for other snacks or “cheats” once a week….those in addition to the situations that I couldn’t control, could add up quickly and derail my fitness goals.  I prefer to make the foods I love and crave as clean as possible.  I rarely crave the full fat or full sugar version of anything anymore.  I love the way healthy foods taste and especially the way they make me feel, both mentally (knowing I’m eating something good for me) and physically.
For a while I allowed myself to be more lax on the weekends but over the past 2 weeks I have not done that and have felt more energized to continue my healthy eating. It’s almost like the weekend would make me sluggish from not eating as healthy then I was super tired on Monday etc…. So now I’ve just been allowing life to happen. I eat clean at every meal and don’t sweat it if I go out to dinner with friends or lunch with a client.

I began with a 2 mile run and you will be pleased to know that I’m continuing to cut off time!  I’m at a 10:54 😉

HARDbody workout

50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. 3 rounds

Reptile Push-ups(I elevated my legs on the edge of my couch for harder work)

Plank feet hop(plank position, hop feet over ball or weight)

R Leg Side Step-Up; Raise knee (using a chair, place one foot on chair and step up holding 15lb  kettlebell)

L Leg Side Step-Up; Raise knee p(using a chair, place one foot on chair and step up holding 15lb kettlebell)

2 Jumping Jacks/ Burpee














Sumo Squat(get super low)

*please note, this ladies for is not my favorite… When you get into that squat, push your hips back and your butt down and get as lower than 90 degree angle then raise one leg and alternate. I stayed fairly low in my squat even when I came up for the leg raise, I did not straighten my standing leg like she is







No MOD for Plank feet hop because I feel most can do this. If you can’t hop both feet over at the same time then do one at a time





No MOD for Sumo Squat  



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