Day 30- HARDbody challenge

Why do you workout? Is it for health, mental clairty, to look sexy? Whatever your reason is, do it for you! No matter how many times someone tells you to change, you won’t do it until you are ready! Once you have made your mind up, theres no stopping you! It’s a powerful feeling to be able to decide that you are taking control of your own body. Our first 4 week challenge is up and here we are now, continuing our next 4 weeks. We will push through and make a commitment to each other to do this together and to stay focused.  I slip now and again…. I need your support and your motivation to keep me chugging along because it’s only going to get harder… Our next 4 week mark will be May 9th and I challenge you to being this with me. Whether you are tracking your progress in the quiet of your own home or you want to publicly post your goals, I am here for the support. I personally am setting my goal to May 5th because it’s my birthday. I want to be down another 2lbs and body fat down 1%. These are realistic goals for the second month. Don’t sell yourself short but don’t set goals that are unatainable. To see the photos of my progress click here. I am still not where I want to be but I am working hard everyday to get to my goal!

I haven’t done the workout yet but will get on it tonight! I will run 2 miles then hit the workout!

HARDbody workout

50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest- 3 rounds

75 Jump Rope

Dive bomber push-ups

75 Jump Rope

Lunge/Jump; Side Lunge(hold 20lb weights)

75 Jump Rope

Kettle Swing(hold with both hands)

75 Jump Rope


75 Jump Rope


High knees or just knee raises instead of jump rope


About Fitness Guru

I am a fitness enthusiast trying to change the world! Ok, well I know I won't be changing the world but hoping I can reach out to a few people. I am a personal trainer and a single mom who has struggled through life, lost my way and fallen off the fitness bandwagon. I want to share my struggles and how I'm finding my way back to a healthy life with daily fitness/exercise/diet tips, advice, videos and pictures. View all posts by Fitness Guru

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