Day 25- HARDbody challenge

So Easter is just a few days away. How do you plan on sticking to your diet? We all know that there will be a bite here and there so here are a few candies/chocolates to stay away from and ones to give to yourself as a treat. Even in the right portions, all candy is still caloric. Easter is one day, not an entire week. Pick one or two of your favorite treats, enjoy them in the right portions, and get back to your healthy eating the next day.

Easter is the second most candy-filled holiday (behind Halloween), and chances are you’ll be faced with one of the 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies or 16 billion jelly beans made each year. So how do you enjoy these holiday treats without wrecking your diet?

Ridiculous: Peeps  Peeps may not be terrible if you look at just the calories (each one has about 30), but they contain one main ingredient–sugar. They’re sugar dense and you can pop several of them very quickly, very dangerous for your diet…

Ridiculously Healthy: Hollow Dark Chocolate Bunnies   Dark chocolate is a heart helper–ounce for ounce, dark chocolate has 5 times as many antioxidants as blueberries. Just be sure to ditch the solid bunnies in favor of hollow varieties, which will seriously cut down on calories

Ridiculous: Jelly Beans  Don’t let these teeny tiny treats fool you–a recommended 35-bean serving adds up to more than 30 g of sugar! And since you’re not getting any added nutrition from these candies, it’s best to avoid them.

Ridiculously Healthy: Easter Peanut M&M’s   These treats win major points because you get a little boost of nutrition in each chocolatey bite. Research shows that eating peanuts can decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. However, eating an entire bag of these will definitely put a dent in your daily calorie count, so fill a plastic Easter egg with these treats for instant portion control.

Ridiculous: Cadbury Creme Eggs   Though these are arguably the most popular Easter candy, they’re not doing your waistline any favors. Each egg contains a reasonable 150 calories per serving, but you also get almost 20% of your saturated fat. And because they’re made with milk chocolate, you’re not getting any of the heart-smart benefits.

I plan on making egg salad sandwiches with our dyed Easter eggs this Sunday. I have a found a healthier version of this egg salad sandwich here… I think I will try the egg salad in the tomato flower instead of a sandwich. I will use light mayo instead of regular. Also, I am not using salt so instead of salt I will use other seasonings like onion powder and maybe even some chipotle 🙂 Enjoy your Easter!This picture will remind me of my summer HARDbody and Easter all at the same time 🙂

I have not done my workout yet but will do it this evening after the munchkin goes to bed. So here we go! It’s gonna be a killer leg and booty workout!!

I will start with a 2 mile run- I want to improve my speed so I am running fewer miles to gain the endurance.

HARDbody workout

Let’s go for 1 minute work, 10 seconds rest, 3 rounds of each exercise


5 Squats/10 Mt. Climbers

 Donkey Kicks(alternate 10 on each leg)

Star jumps

6 minute abs(50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 3 rounds of each exercise)




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