Day 22- HARDbody challenge

As I’m preparing my closet for a tornado, with comforters and pillows from every room and pulling off mattresses from the beds, my daughter continues her nice little nap. The thunder was so loud, I couldn’t believe she was still asleep. This is the time I usually do my workout and post them for you so I knew I was going to miss it. The storms are now passed, my daughter is just now waking up and I am done with the workout and just now posting it for you all! SWEET! Thankful we are all safe and that my daughter slept so I could get this in 🙂

I did not do my run today since I started my workout later than normal due to the tornadoes. I plan on getting it in tonight. However, I just finished the HARDbody workout and it was a good one!!

HARDbody workout

4 rounds: 50 seconds on and 10 seconds rest

Prisoner squat/star jump(leave your hands behind head)

Dive Bomber Push Ups(position ‘C’ do not put your legs on the ground)

Plank position, feet hop(start in the middle, R side, L side then back to middle), raise knee to elbow

Step up LEFT knee raise(I used a kitchen chair)

Step up RIGHT knee raise


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