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Day 49- HARDbody challenge

This coming Saturday is my 4 week check-in AND my birthday! The actual check infor everyone else is on the 9th but had my goals set on my birthday day. I am super excited to show my last 4 weeks progress! The last 4 weeks have been a little harder for me on the diet end. I am doing very well, don’t get me wrong but mentally I keep telling myself “oh you’re doing good so you can allow yourself a splurge” Well, I have told myself that too many times this month. HA! I still have a way to go until I get to my final goal, so I need to be more disciplined in that area.

I began with a 3 mile run.. I have reduced my time by 54 seconds. haha. I did this by lowering my dang incline! I have had it set to a 7 incline for 7 weeks and had no idea! I thought I had become a super slow runner. I mean, I’m still not fast but now I can work on my time some. I found this workout below one of the hardest yet! It was great!

HARDbody workout

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. 4 rounds

10 Step Up/Knee Raise(hold 30lb sandbag on the shoulder side that is stepping up. I will use a chair. alternate)

Jump through/ 5 squat jumps(if you don’t have a ladder, you can do high knees to the side equalling 5 jumps, then 5 squat jumps)







Curl/Shoulder Press(I used my 30lb sandbag to curl and press. I ended up keeping my hands facing towards me in the press like in the bicep curl. Like a reverse shoulder press)

5 Knee Tucks/2 Push-Ups(elevate legs on couch or chair)


1 minute each, 3 rounds

Knee Tuck Abs

Sit-Ups(hold sandbag)



Day 46- HARDbody challenge

HARDbody workout 

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 4 rounds

Burpee/Jump Over(use 3 items to lay on the floor to jump over. I will use my sandbags. Burpee in between each sandbag and jump to the side, over sandbag)

Plank Feet Hop(plank position, hop your feet over a med ball or sandbag or weight)

5 Clean and Press/5 Box Jumps(clean and press with sandbag/ box jump onto a chair or step)

Dive Bomber Push-Ups( remember, position C, do not put your legs on ground)

Day 45- HARDbody challenge

HARDbody workout

1 minute work, 75 Jump Rope, 30 seconds rest

5 Bicep Curl/Burpee(I used a 40lb soundbag for curls)








75 Jump Rope

Tricep Dips/Knee Raise

75 Jump Rope

Push-Up/ Box Jump(regular wide stance push up then jump onto a chair or step)

 75 Jump Rope

5 Prisoner Squat/5 Star Jack

75 Jump Rope

Curb your sweet tooth

As I am becoming more and more aware of the healthy foods that I’m putting into my body, I am equally aware of the bad foods that I need to steer clear of. In the past week or so, I’ve been craving sweet treats. I know that all this can do is sabotage my fitness journey and I am not about to let it bring me down! I am at a place in my journey that nothing will stop me. I want to live the best life that I can live, be happy with my body and feel alive with the decisions I am making. Everyday I ask my clients how their eating has been since I saw them last and what workout they have done. One client in particular stood out to me yesterday. I mentioned to her the article that I was reading about sweet treats and how it’s causing America to become fat. I proceeded to tell her that I know there are areas in my eating habits that I can clean up. For instance, I put 2 packets of Truvia in my coffee everyday along with good ole’ sweetened coffee creamer, fat and sugar and all.. I don’t skimp on my coffee… She asked if I really wanted to succeed that badly in my fitness goals to give that up? I told her “yes”. We are all at different stages in our fitness journey and that is ok… She isn’t, at this point, ready to give up the few bad habits she has right now in order to be the healthy and fit woman she can truly be. The point of all this is, are you willing to sacrifice to be the best you possible? It’s ok if you aren’t there yet… I had to make the mental change. I had to realize that this is a way of life. Yes, I can allow myself a splurge here and there but in order to reach my goals, I AM willing to sacrifice my truvia and creamer 🙂


Research shows that nearly a quarter of our daily caloric intake–325 calories  on average–comes from sweets like baked goods, desserts, soda, and fruit  juices. In other words, from sugar…

 because they typically deliver a load of  calories with little to no nutrition. A more troubling fact: As our consumption  of the white stuff rises, so do the numbers on our scales. There’s no dancing around it: Sugar is a huge part of what’s making us fat. Now brace yourself for two more nasty news flashes: (1) Eating  too much sugar can stoke your appetite rather than satisfy it, and (2) it  can even become addictive.

Manufacturers currently use the high fructose corn syrup to flavor a huge  variety of products, including foods that wouldn’t normally contain sugar and  that you probably wouldn’t describe as sweet, like the sesame seed bun on a  McDonald’s hamburger, or the Saltine crackers you crumble into soup. Even if you  vigilantly shun the sugar bowl and never let a piece of candy cross your lips,  you could still be eating a diet loaded with sugar from stealth sources. If you eat without carefully checking food labels and restaurant websites for  nutrition information, you may inadvertently be pouring sugar down your throat.  Where does it all end up? Yep, right in that jiggly jelly roll hanging over your  jeans.
In a 2005 study in Physiology & Behavior, a group of Princeton researchers  led by psychology professor Bart Hoebel, Ph.D., found that eating sugar triggers  the release of opioids, neuro­transmitters that activate the brain’s  pleasure receptors. Addictive drugs, including morphine, target the same opioid  receptors. “Sugar stimulates receptors to activate the same pathways that are  stimulated directly by drugs such as heroin or morphine,” Hoebel says.
And if getting too many calories is what worries you, reaching for a Sprite Zero  isn’t the solution: Artificial sweeteners may be almost as bad for you as HFCS.  In 2004, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that  rats ate more after consuming an artificially sweetened drink than they did  after sipping sugar water. Researchers speculate that calorie-free artificial  sweeteners act like stomach teasers: As you swallow diet soda, your body  anticipates the arrival of calories. When they don’t show up, your body sends  you looking elsewhere for them, often in a snack bowl

(gathered from women’s health)


Day 44- HARDbody challenge

I took last week off from running. I was super tired and felt my body needed a rest from something. I began my workout today with a 2 mile run. Still at a 10:54 and it was tough since I took a week off from it.. My legs felt super heavy but my endurance was still there. I’m learning to pick my knees up more because dragging my feet gives me some sort of mental block of “I can’t continue”. Picking those knees up seemed to really help get me through it. I’m not an avid runner nor do I know the in and outs of running practices but this has helped for me. Any advice would be appreciated 🙂

This was a killer today! In a good way though 🙂

HARDbody workout

1 minute work, 10 tuck jumps, 20 seconds rest- 3 rounds

10 Jumping Jacks/10 Mt. Climbers

10 Tuck Jumps

Reverse Pull-Up(sandbag on legs/hip area)

10 Tuck Jumps

Runner Lunge/Knee Raise

10 Tuck Jumps

1 Leg Push-Up/Jump over/Row(1 leg push up, jump over your bag, 1 leg push up, stand up and Row)

10 Tuck Jumps

Day 43- HARDbody challenge

HARDbody workout

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, complete 3 rounds of each exercise before moving on to the next

Lunge/10 Mt.Climbers(alternate each leg then to mt climbers)

Reptile Push-Up/Burpee




Leap Frog/Shoulder Press(leap frog forward, shoulder press, leap frog backward, shoulder press)

Tricep Dip/Knee Raise(dip then alternate knee raise)


3 minute each


Side Plank( side plank and raise knee to elbow)

Boost your Metabolism

For being the key to weight loss, your metabolism is incredibly simple. It’s just all of the chemical processes in your body added up. So the higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn. And while your metabolic rate is influenced by genetics, your workout can really rev it up big time.

Exercise can increase metabolism in three ways: 1. It burns calories during the workout session. 2. It burns additional calories directly following the workout session, which is known as the afterburn affect. This post-exercise metabolic boost can last 24-48 hours. 3. It increases calorie-burning lean muscle mass. One pound of muscle burns an extra 6-50 calories a day.

But when it comes to boosting your metabolism, not all exercise is created equal. Here, how you should prioritize your workouts to get your metabolism humming:

#1 Choice: Strength Training Lifting weights will boost your metabolism in all three ways and should be your first priority if you really want to burn more fat more easily. Have you ever noticed that men can lose weight by cutting out their nightly ice cream while women have to count calories like crazy before the scale will even budge? That’s because men tend to have more metabolically active muscle than women. Complete a total-body strength-training program two to three days a week to build significant lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism, even if you’re cutting calories.

#2 Choice: Interval Training This type of cardio workout, in which you push your exercise intensity for a short period of time and then recover, will burn calories during exercise as well as give you an afterburn effect. In one study comparing the effects of 15 weeks of interval training with  20 weeks of steady-state endurance training, researchers found that the participants who completed interval workouts lost nine times more fat than those who completed endurance workouts.

#3 Choice: Steady State Endurance Cardio and Aerobics When you hit the pavement, you burn calories during the run, but you don’t get the benefit of an afterburn effect or of building  muscle. And be careful: If you overdo it, you could actually end up losing muscle, which can slow your metabolism. In one study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, participants completed six long runs in seven days, after which the average weight loss was 6.1%. However, 5% of their weight loss came from lean mass and only 1.1% came from body fat. Stick to a little running—about 30 minutes on the days following your strength-training sessions—to help recover from your workouts without burning through muscle.


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