Day 15- HARDbody challenge

So my day has been completely off. Do you ever get that way? Right now, I have Tues/Thurs off from actual training so my days seem to get off track. I started off without breakfast which is a big no no in this girls life. I drank 2 cups of coffee and felt full, then had a long phone call from an ex in-law that I had to take. After that I had to get myself and my daughter ready to meet my best gf out for a little shopping and lunch. By the time we hit the second store, I was starving. When I’m starving, I’m grumpy and irrational so all I could think of was something fried or carby that I wanted to stuff my face with. We went to our favorite pastime restaurant, where I usually would have ordered a beer and boneless wings. HA! I stared down the menu thinking everything looked fabulous and I had to have it all. I had planned on ordering a salad then my mind wandered and I went all in! Even though I said these words: “I’m going to regret this later” , I still ordered it. A turkey burger, bun and all, with wedge cut fries… Of course, in my defense I told my bestie that I didn’t have a cheat meal this past weekend so I guess this will count as that. In all reality, I should have just passed it up and ordered a salad. Anyway, I didn’t and here we are. I’m too full to workout so I’m going to post the workout that I WILL be doing tonight after my daughter goes to sleep. Moral of the story, eat your meals!! Otherwise, we make bad choices and binge on whatever is in front of us… Let’s whip these asses into shape for the summer, no regrets!

I will begin with a 3 mile run

HARDbody workout

4 rounds

1) 15 x Squats – hold weights to your side

~ 30 x Jump Rope

2) 15 x Plank Knee Tucks (Alternating Left & right Knee – 30 in Total)

~ 30 x Jump Rope

3) 15 x Tricep Dips

~30 x Jump Rope

4) 15 x Mountain Climbers

~ 30 x Jump Rope



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I am a fitness enthusiast trying to change the world! Ok, well I know I won't be changing the world but hoping I can reach out to a few people. I am a personal trainer and a single mom who has struggled through life, lost my way and fallen off the fitness bandwagon. I want to share my struggles and how I'm finding my way back to a healthy life with daily fitness/exercise/diet tips, advice, videos and pictures. View all posts by Fitness Guru

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