Day 8- HARDbody challenge

Set goals you can reach Focus on small, attainable goals that will lead to long-term healthy changes. If you set hard-to-reach goals, failing to achieve them can lead to slipping back into your old habits.
Tips for setting goals:

  • Write ’em down. Start a food and exercise journal, and be sure to include a list of goals. As you achieve them, be sure to cross them off and add new ones.
  • Make your goals specific. Saying you want to “lose weight” won’t keep your hand out of the cookie jar. Make a plan to lose two pounds a week or run a mile without stopping by the end of the month.
  • Take things one step at a time. Small, incremental goals are easier to meet.
  • Focus on overall health. For every weight-loss goal you set (lose 20 pounds, take two inches off your waist), make one for your overall health. Examples include eating fresh food at every meal, lowering your cholesterol, or walking an extra five minutes each day.
  • Plan for setbacks. When changing behavior, slip-ups are inevitable. Identify potential roadblocks—a friend’s dinner party—and make a plan for staying motivated when these happen.

Tips for setting activity goals:

  • Schedule physical activity. Just like you would with any other activity, block out time on your calendar to engage in some sort of exercise. Don’t worry if you’re busy; just break up your cardio into 10 or 15 minute segments.
  • Get a pedometer. Knowing exactly how many steps you take each day can motivate you to be more physically active. Write down your daily step count on a calendar to track your progress, and set incremental goals each week.
  • Think outside the gym. Getting exercise can be as simple as walking to the printer every time you print a page, parking your car at the far end of the parking lot, or doing jumping jacks during commercial breaks of your favorite television show.

Tips for setting healthy eating goals:

  • Fill up on high-density, low-calorie foods. An easy way is to fill your plate half-full of vegetables, one-quarter full of protein, and one-quarter full of carbohydrates, preferably whole grains. You’ll still have a full plate of food, but you’ll be filling up on veggies—not french fries or onion rings.
  • Throw out the “don’t eat” list. Instead of depriving yourself of your favorite foods, try to make lighter versions. If you love hamburgers and french fries, try to make a turkey burger and baked sweet potato wedges. It may not taste exactly the same, but you’ll be getting the same flavors for fewer calories.

So today I began with a 1.5 mile run. Then I went straight into the below workout


HARDbody workout

set your timer to 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off, 4 rounds

1) Elevated(legs)Plank, raise knee towards chest then twist out – Alternative Legs  –

2) 2 x Push up/knee to chest, Commando Roll & 10 Mountain Climbers

3) 1/2 Burpee & One Arm Upright Row with kettlebell – Alternate Arms

4) 10 x Jumping Jack with hands behind head & 2 Wide Leg Star Push-Ups


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I am a fitness enthusiast trying to change the world! Ok, well I know I won't be changing the world but hoping I can reach out to a few people. I am a personal trainer and a single mom who has struggled through life, lost my way and fallen off the fitness bandwagon. I want to share my struggles and how I'm finding my way back to a healthy life with daily fitness/exercise/diet tips, advice, videos and pictures. View all posts by Fitness Guru

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