Day 2- HARDbody challenge

Day 2- How are you feeling? I’m feeling super sore but energized from the feedback from all you HARDbody challengers out there! Today I started off with a 2 mile run. I do this because it gets me pumped up and plus I love it and the benefits that go along with running. My time was 23:47, not as great as yesterday but I will take into consideration my soreness. HA… Okay, so here is the second part of my workout today…

If you have a timer, stopwatch or just a good ole’ clock, use it! Set your timer to 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. Each exercise will be for 2 rounds

Frog Jumps & Push up(girl push-ups are ok for a modification)

Jump rope( if you don’t have one, do the motion)

Squat / Press(use sandbag or weights accordingly)

Around The World + Squat(sandbag is best for this or even a heavy med ball, if you don’t have these you can use a weight)

Jump Lunge & Twist(using heavy med ball or weight)

Elevated Push Up(ok, I can only do a few of these right now, then I went into regular pushups or again, girl pushups for modification. Elevate the legs)

Oblique & Leg Lifts


About Fitness Guru

I am a fitness enthusiast trying to change the world! Ok, well I know I won't be changing the world but hoping I can reach out to a few people. I am a personal trainer and a single mom who has struggled through life, lost my way and fallen off the fitness bandwagon. I want to share my struggles and how I'm finding my way back to a healthy life with daily fitness/exercise/diet tips, advice, videos and pictures. View all posts by Fitness Guru

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