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Do you think there is a good time to start leading a healthy life? I say NOW! If you make an excuse today, there will be an excuse tomorrow. Just do it now and you will have NO regrets, just the feeling of accomplishment. One of my favorite quotes is this: “the sense of accomplishment will fuel your desire for more accomplishment” This is so true in most aspects of our lives. Take it in as you begin your new journey of discovering a healthy you. It may seem like an endless journey when you have so far to go but you have to start somewhere! Setting smalls goals will help you feel like they are within reach. Let’s begin this journey together, no matter what fitness level you are at, I know you can succeed

As I mentioned in my first post, this will get personal. Let’s read to learn, inspire and motivate each other not to judge. Here are a few of my stats… I am currently weighing in at 135 on my 5 ft. 5 in. frame. Not too bad HOWEVER I’m at 25% body fat!! EEEKKK!!!!!!! This is not acceptable and that is why we are here. My fitness journey begins now…

Today I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. It’s a beautiful day out but just didn’t have the time to get out so I ran on the treadmill at home. Tues/Thurs will be my running days because honestly, I just enjoy the feeling of a good run. 3 miles at a 5.0 speed and a 5 incline didn’t put me at a good pace at all but just starting back into it, I figured I’d pace myself. I think it was like a 12 minute mile 😉 Don’t laugh!

Okay, for all of you who say “I can’t run.” For one, yes you can!! Secondly, I will give you a nice little interval run/walk you can do. If you have a treadmill at home or the gym do as follows:

5 minute interval, 6 times = 30 minutes

2 minute walk at a 3.4 speed and a 10 incline(don’t go lower than an 8 or higher than a 12 incline)

2 minute run at a 5.0 speed an a 2 incline(don’t go lower than a 4.5 speed)

1 minute walk at a 3.5-4.0

If you don’t have access to a treadmill, do this interval outside. Wear your watch and do your set times OR tell yourself, ‘I will run to that mailbox and then walk to that stop sign’ etc…

Hope this has helped some of you for the day… We will kick it in high gear tomorrow 🙂


About Fitness Guru

I am a fitness enthusiast trying to change the world! Ok, well I know I won't be changing the world but hoping I can reach out to a few people. I am a personal trainer and a single mom who has struggled through life, lost my way and fallen off the fitness bandwagon. I want to share my struggles and how I'm finding my way back to a healthy life with daily fitness/exercise/diet tips, advice, videos and pictures. View all posts by Fitness Guru

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