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Day 18- HARDbody challenge

Today I began with a 2 mile run

HARDbody workout

Set your timer to 50 seconds on and 10 seconds rest. 4 rounds

Reptile Push-Ups

Plank Position, hop feet over ball, side to side

Alternate Lunge/ Alternate Side Lunge




Straight up crunch(put your arms out straight then when you get to position “C” raise up in the air then on the next one, put your arms out towards your knees. Alternate


Day 17- HARDbody challenge

I had a million things I wanted to tell you all today but they have now slipped my mind. Maybe I should start writing down all my ideas. haha. I swear, my best ideas come in the middle of the night! I hate that because them I’m up all night AND then I usually forget those too. However, I just remembered that the HARDbody challenge came to one sleepless night! YAY! Go me 😉

Well, here we go, another great workout so enjoy and push hard! Remember, this is the time to continue pushing through. I know you are sore, I know you are tired, I know you are hungry but PUSH. Let’s stop dreaming of the bodies we want and get it!

Todays workout was another 600 REP challenge. I took it little lighter today because my lower back and neck muscles are super sore from yesterdays kettlebell workout 🙂

I started with a 3 mile run

HARDbody workout

~4 rounds through

75 high knees(alternate high knees in a jumping movement. 1= both sides)

25 straight leg lift abs(keep your hands under your butt, do not let your back arch, modification: bend at knees)

25 inner thigh squats(get a wide stance and point the toes out. I did not use a weight today)

Day 16- HARDbody challenge

We are going to incorporate some kettlebell work into this workout today. I use this a lot with my clients and I am able to be there to show them the proper form and watch them as they go through the workout to prevent injury. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind as you work with kettlebells.


Positioning Your Back Properly for a Kettlebell Workout

For all kettlebell exercises, you need to make sure your back is positioned correctly so that your hips, not your back, absorb the force of the kettlebell. The term neutral spine describes the position in which your back should be for all your kettlebell routines — and it’s easy to achieve.

Try this simple exercise to achieve neutral spine:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms down at your sides; focus your eye gaze on a point about six feet in front of you on the floor to keep your neck and head position neutral.
  2. Reach your hips back as if you’re reaching back for a chair, and let your arms follow your hips back.

    If you’re in the right position, you look like you’re getting ready to take a vertical leap in the air.

  3. Look in the mirror; if you achieved neutral spine, you have a nice, natural S curve in your spine (in other words, your back isn’t rounded).

Using Your Hips to Move Your Kettlebell

Your hips do a lot of work when it comes to moving your kettlebell. To help engage them properly during a kettlebell workout, put on clothing that allows you to sit all the way back into your hips (baggy clothing can impede you from moving well), and do the following:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart (or slightly wider), your arms down at your sides, and your eyes focused on a point on the floor about six feet in front of you; have your kettlebell on the ground between your feet back by your heels.
  2. Stomp both your feet into the floor to plant (or root) them solidly into the ground.
  3. Letting your hips lead the movement, sit back and let your knees follow; keep your weight in your heels as you reach back and down to put your hand(s) on the kettlebell.

    As you sit back with your hips, pretend you’re reaching back toward a box, chair, or wall. Remember that you must let your hips lead to achieve neutral spine.

  4. Generate force from the ground up by driving through your heels, pulling up your kneecaps, tightening your abs and glutes, and forcefully snapping your hips to move the kettlebell.

    Remember the kettlebell hip snap is not a pelvic tilt!

HARDbody workout

I did this in a pyramid style, which I don’t do often but wanted to try it out again. I have to say, it’s tough! Pyramid will go as follows. Start with 10 reps of each workout then go to 9 reps, 8, 7 and all the way down until you get to 1 rep per workout

1) Alternating hands, squat and swing(I used a 30 lb kettlebell)

2) Using a 15 lb kettlebell, I held the bell with both hands and brought it down to one side then raised up with straight arms, to the opposite shoulder(just think of a shovel movement)… Do LEFT side then go to the RIGHT

3) Clean and Press using a 15 lb kettlebell


Day 15- HARDbody challenge

So my day has been completely off. Do you ever get that way? Right now, I have Tues/Thurs off from actual training so my days seem to get off track. I started off without breakfast which is a big no no in this girls life. I drank 2 cups of coffee and felt full, then had a long phone call from an ex in-law that I had to take. After that I had to get myself and my daughter ready to meet my best gf out for a little shopping and lunch. By the time we hit the second store, I was starving. When I’m starving, I’m grumpy and irrational so all I could think of was something fried or carby that I wanted to stuff my face with. We went to our favorite pastime restaurant, where I usually would have ordered a beer and boneless wings. HA! I stared down the menu thinking everything looked fabulous and I had to have it all. I had planned on ordering a salad then my mind wandered and I went all in! Even though I said these words: “I’m going to regret this later” , I still ordered it. A turkey burger, bun and all, with wedge cut fries… Of course, in my defense I told my bestie that I didn’t have a cheat meal this past weekend so I guess this will count as that. In all reality, I should have just passed it up and ordered a salad. Anyway, I didn’t and here we are. I’m too full to workout so I’m going to post the workout that I WILL be doing tonight after my daughter goes to sleep. Moral of the story, eat your meals!! Otherwise, we make bad choices and binge on whatever is in front of us… Let’s whip these asses into shape for the summer, no regrets!

I will begin with a 3 mile run

HARDbody workout

4 rounds

1) 15 x Squats – hold weights to your side

~ 30 x Jump Rope

2) 15 x Plank Knee Tucks (Alternating Left & right Knee – 30 in Total)

~ 30 x Jump Rope

3) 15 x Tricep Dips

~30 x Jump Rope

4) 15 x Mountain Climbers

~ 30 x Jump Rope


Day 14- HARDbody challenge

Oh my! What a fantastic and beautiful weekend here in Texas! Gotta love 80 degree weather in March! We are gearing up for this summer and I am bringing you an amazing workout today. First off, I’d like to answer a question that a few of you have had or some of you might wonder and have never asked. Which is better, compound or isolation exercises and why do I choose compound?

What are Compound Exercises?

Today’s fitness programs tend to focus on functional fitness, which refers to exercise that simulates real-life activities and uses a wide variety of movements through a wide range of motion. At the heart of these routines are a variety of compound exercises. Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that work several muscles or muscle groups at one time. A great example of a compound exercise is the squat exercise, which engages many muscles in the lower body and core, including the quadriceps, the hamstrings, the calves, the glutes, the lower back and the core.

What Are Isolation Exercises?

Isolation exercises work only one muscle or muscle group and only one joint at a time. Examples of isolation exercises include the biceps curl or the quadriceps extension. These exercises are often performed with the commercial weight machines found in health clubs. The idea is to isolate one muscle group and move from one machine to the next until you “work” your whole body. Isolation exercises are frequently used in physical therapy clinics and rehab centers in order to correct a specific muscle weakness or imbalance that often occurs after injury, illness, surgery or certain diseases

Why I Use Compound Exercises?

For healthy athletes who are trying to get the most out of a training program, compound exercises are generally preferred and recommended. There are many reasons to use compound exercises during your workout, including the following:

Using more muscle groups. . .

  • means more calories burned during exercise.
  • simulates real-world exercises and activities.
  • allows you to get a full body workout faster.
  • improves coordination, reaction time and balance.
  • improves joint stability and improves muscle balance across a joint.
  • decreases the risk of injury during sports.
  • keeps your heart rate up and provides cardiovascular benefits.
  • allows you to exercise longer with less muscle fatigue.
  • allows you to lift heavier loads and build more strength.

HARDbody workout

50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest; 3 rounds( For my punches, I just punched the air. Use a bag if you have one)

Push-up, burpee, tuck jump x 2: 10 straight punches

Push-up, burpee, tuck jump x 2: 10 hook punches

Push-up, burpee, tuck jump x 2: 5 straight punches, 5 hook punches

Full crunch, hands raised to the sky: full crunch, hands to your knees

Here is the form for push up, burpee and tuck jump. This push up is perfect form… Keep the hands aligned with the chest and elbows tight to the body. From the push up position, go straight to a burpee then tuck jump…

3 minutes(do as many reps as you can)

Lunge/Jump then Pisoner Squat

Day 11- HARDbody challenge

It’s Friday! Which means we get to have our active rest weekend! The term “active rest” or “active recovery” applies to training schedules used by athletes.  In the recent past, athletes were encouraged to rest completely after a competition or on a day off.  But newer research shows that engaging in low-intensity exercise during “rest” is better for maintaining fitness levels.  Low-intensity exercise flushes out lactic acid and delivers healing oxygen to the muscles.  Any activity that keeps the target heart rate in the 60 – 65% range is low-intensity exercise.  Active rest activities are easy recreational movements like going for a bike ride or a hike. So go out, enjoy this beautiful weather, you deserve a break! But first, hit this workout real hard!

HARDbody workout

15 reps X 3

1) Jump up on step- Squat and Press(start from B position below), jump off step then reptile push up

2) Hands on med ball, plank position, jump both feet side to side then stand up and twist ball to the RIGHT side

3) Hands on med ball, plank position, jump both feet side to side then stand up and twist ball to the LEFT side

4) Side Lunge Press- right side(hold med ball to your chest)

5)Side Lunge Press- right side(hold med ball to your chest)

6) Wide grip dive bombers(position C, do not rest your legs on the floor)

7) Plank position, med ball or sandbag  behind you under your feet. Hop feet over

Day 9- HARDbody challenge: 600 REPS

I’ve received a lot of feedback about the post on my personal and business FB page about Israel passing a legislation on Monday night that makes it illegal to use models that fall below an 18.5 BMI in advertising or publication, making it the first country to do so. I agree with all your feedback about the models being so unhealthy. Not only do they look unhealthy, they are unhealthy. We all know what a thin person looks like, that works out and eats healthy and I think we can all agree that is beautiful! Just remember that as we go through our fitness journey, it’s about how you feel mentally and physically and doing this the RIGHT way.  Feel good about yourself, do what you can to achieve your goals and if you slip, get back on! We are a growing fitness community and I hope that you will gain from the site and we can all help get you back on track by positive reinforcement. By sharing challenges and successes we all gain more motivation and inspiration. Post your stories on my wall, because you motivate me to keep going.

Okay, enough of that! Let’s get on this workout! OOOOO you’re gonna feel the burn today!! (insert evil laugh)….  My quads are burning as I’m writing this for ya… Okay, so again, I started with a 2 mile run; 11.32 was my mile. I’m getting better and that’s what counts.

HARDbody workout

600 REPS

100 High Knees(each leg)

100 Lunge kicks(50 on one leg, then alternate)

100 High Knees

100 Squats(I got to 30 and starting feeling the burn and by 78 I was dying)

100 High Knees

25 Straight Abs(all the way up)

25 V Abs Left

25 V Abs Right

25 Bicycle Abs


Form for your squat

I hold my weights to the side, holding to the front will add in the extra shoulder/chest workout.. Always, push the hips and butt back, weight on your heels while keeping your chest up. As you always hear, don’t let your knees go over your toes. Yes, this is mainly for non injury reason but also, it’s a TON better workout on those quads when you sit back

Form for your lunge

When adding in a kick or knee raise, once you get to “B” position, kick or knee raise from there. 90 degree angle on these Form for V abs

If bringing the legs up is too hard, leave them on the ground and raise your arm and upper body up off the groundForm for bicycles

To get the most from these abs, keep them slow, breathe out at the top and get the legs straight and as close to the ground without touching

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